The Need

Bismarck and Shiloh are experiencing growth resulting in the need for expanded facilities. Shiloh is at record enrollment and projections look like significant growth will continue in the near future. It appears that the Bismarck Public Schools are also undergoing significant growth and are proposing three new schools in the next few years. Ultimately, facility needs are increasing as the number of activities increase. Shiloh does not currently have athletic or fine arts facilities and field space for practice and games is at a premium. Vision 2015 will not only meet the needs of Shiloh, but it will also meet needs within the Bismarck community. This project will provide more programming and extra-curricular opportunities for students, and it will also provide more efficient facilities for students to excel and develop strong leadership skills. Additionally, Vision 2015 will provide facilities that will accommodate many types of events including athletics, fine arts, business events and many others. Overall, this project will be a collaborative effort that will greatly enhance the variety of opportunities within the community.